We offer a variety of telecommunication solutions from base infrastructure to complex communication services mainly in Budapest and in its close vicinity. Our highly trained and competent personnel provide solutions tailored to meet individual customer needs.

Our basic infrastructure and data communications services rely on an extensive network of substructures and supporting structures, as well as a network of copper and fibre-optic cables.

The density of the access network complementing our main lines is highest in the inner districts of Budapest, efficiently serving this busy area of the city.

Suburban areas with an increasing economic potential and, consequently, growing communication needs are connected to the system by means of our main lines installed along suburban railway lines.

Our network also covers the area of the Budapest METRO; Nokia Solutions and Networks TraffiCOM Kft. is the sole owner of line rights, allowing the implementation of networks for telecommunications services in this special location, as well as along the fixed-track transportation routes of BKV ZRt.

Our basic infrastructure will accommodate a complex transmission of L2 Metro Ethernet data network.

Quick reactions to customer needs and the quick identification of possible breakdowns is taken care of by our experienced specialists through the management systems of our surveillance centre. The reliability of our network and service is further improved by the combined use of topological and device redundancy.

Our main services

Rental of cable accommodation

Letting, maintenance and troubleshooting of substructures fit to hold telecoms cables.
Optional build-out, maintenance and troubleshooting of client-owned cable network.

Rental of dark fibre

Providing, maintaining and troubleshooting passive optical connections. Build-out of two-way independent access dependent on technical availability..

Managed leased line service

Data transmission service, between requested ends, on determined band width, on standardized interfaces. Advanced standby service in case of redundant access.

Private network or Dedicated networks

Independent telecommunication network serving the special telecom demands of the client, independent telecom network; build-out, maintenance and troubleshooting of independent telecom network (eg Metro Ethernet). The client manages the resources of the network.

Optional providing of network monitoring terminal upon request.

Telecommunication Outsourcing

Operating the client-owned or rented telecom equipment or infrastructure.

Broadband service

Providing virtual private network service on L2 Metro Ethernet based data transmission network.

Service classes:

  • Delay sensitive: video or VoIP real time connection of guaranteed brand width
  • Business critical: connection of Guaranteed/Non-guaranteed brand width
  • Normal: connection of non-guaranteed brand width
WIFI broadband service

Non-public, wireless WiFi broadband (WLAN) service.

Co-location service

Providing computer room accommodation for our customers’ telecoms and IT equipment.
Rental within a particular rack or even a full rack, with 24×7 operation service.

Sub-centre service

Providing internal telephone connections for our customers.
The service also includes provision of the network infrastructure, the line and the established analogous, digital, or IP system appliance.

Internet service (indirect service)

Resale of the internet service provided by the TraffiCOM partner. Dependent on the conclusion of the contract between the internet service provider and TraffiCOM concerning the resale of the service.

Can only be sold together with the following services:

  • Managed rented line service
  • Private network or Dedicated networks
  • Broadband service
  • WIFI broadband service.

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