Our company has had a quality management system certificate according to the MSZ EN ISO 9001:2001 (ISO 9001:2001) standard since 19 August 2003.

In September 2009, we successfully certified our system enhancements according to the MSZ EN ISO 9001:2009 (ISO 9001:2008) standard.

The management and all employees of Nokia Solutions and Networks TraffiCOM Kft. are aware of the responsibility they must assume for the quality and reliability of services.

We wish to ensure the consistent quality of the activities performed by the company through management and employee commitment, the continuous development of the professional skills of managers and subordinates and the adoption and maintenance of a quality-oriented way of thinking, and with the help of our qualified suppliers and subcontractors. The management of our company accepts full responsibility for the satisfaction of all customer needs, the implementation of quality policy objectives, the operation of the quality management system, as well as the continuous improvement thereof.

Our quality policy

The key activities of Nokia Solutions and Networks TraffiCOM Kft. are the following:

  • data transmission service,
  • creation and operation of private networks,
  • utilization of the telecommunications infrastructure,
  • maintenance of fibre-optic networks.

High quality standards, continuous development, and the adoption of a customer-oriented approach ensure that long-term customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

To increase customer satisfaction, our associates:

  • satisfy customers’ requirements according to the relevant needs,
  • establish successful cooperation with business partners,
  • take the needs and expectations of society and stakeholders into consideration,
  • continuously improve the efficiency of the quality management system,
  • regularly improve the efficiency of processes,
  • make fact-based decisions,
  • continuously improve their skills,
  • carry out their activities in a conscious and committed manner,
  • apply team work to complete professional tasks efficiently.

The entire management of Nokia Solutions and Networks TraffiCOM Kft. are expected to carry out their activities according to the principles of the quality policy, and require the same from their staff.